Flying Bell – Wolong Sheng


Flying Bell 《飛鈴》by Wolong Sheng. Spring and Autumn 1981 reprint edition.

Written by Wolong Sheng 臥龍生 and originally serialized in Great China Evening News 大華晚報 from September 24, 1971 to June 22, 1974, Flying Bell《飛鈴》was also serialized in the Hong Kong  wuxia magazine Wuxia Annals《武俠春秋》during the same period. It was later published in book form (4 Vols.) by Spring and Autumn Publishing.


Young xia Wu Yuanchao and Tie Chenggang arrive in Daming Prefecture to kill Bai Baopi who has been terrorizing the people, only to find out the truth of the matter, that it’s really Bai Yushan, and he has been helping the poor and doing good deeds without wanting people to know.

Huang Shirong had died under his younger sworn brother, Bai Yushan’s, sword, and Huang’s wife had endured the pain for eighteen years. Now, along with her daughter Fenggu, she has come seeking revenge, but the highly-skilled martial artist Bai Yushan does not defend himself, and is willing to meet his death. Huang Fenggu feels there is something fishy going on, so she goes with Wu Yuanchao and company to the Wu (a different Wu) Family Compound to investigate. Wu Yuanchao and Tie Chenggang are captured there and forced to learn some magical skills.

Young swordsman Bai Tianping charges into the Wu Family Compound three times and learns there are many skilled martial artists there who have been controlled by some kind of mysterious spell, and that a great catastrophe among the rivers and lakes is about to occur.

Bai Tianping captures the master of the Wu Family Compound and questions him about Huang Shirong’s death by poisoning. The Beggars Sect, Shaolin, and Wudang all make a sneak attack on the compound, but unexpectedly two of the sects’ elders are conspiring with the enemy, and the Beggars Sects top fighters are nearly wiped out.

The Beggars Sect chief Zhong Sanfeng goes personally to Wudang Mountain to meet with the sect head Priest Wenzhong and discuss attacking the wicked Celestial Ruler Cult. But the two are unexpectedly poisoned, having been betrayed by half of the Wudang disciples. As Wudang is on the brink of being toppled, Bai Tianping and Beggar Immortal Yuan Dao and others arrive at Wudang, and a fierce, brutal battle with the Celestial Ruler Cult ensues. The inner workings of the Cult are gradually revealed: the one who originally organized the Celestial Ruler Cult was Bai Tianping’s master, Nameless. And the one who stirred up all this trouble and brought about the killings was none other than Huang Shirong, who had been playing dead these past eighteen years…

This synopsis was translated from the one provided in Chinese here.
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